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Specialized Greeting Card Services by Grateful Mailings

Let your clients know you are thinking of them and appreciate their business.

Grateful Mailings

Grateful Mailings provides unique greeting card mailings for professionals.

Most people in business realize the importance of letting their clients know they are thinking of them and appreciate their business.

Our service will free up time from administration of this important repetitive task, giving you and your staff the opportunity to focus on your core business.

Build Loyalty and Referrals

Our service builds loyalty from your clients which will lead to more repeat business and generated referrals.

In the hectic pace of day-to-day business, this essential element is often overlooked. A greeting card mailing service will provide you, a busy professional, with "keep-in-touch" mailing programs for your client base.

Realtors, mortgage lenders, bankers, insurance agents, financial planners, stockbrokers, retailers, personnel agencies, title companies, lawyers, accountants -- the list goes on and on.

All need relationship building and customer follow-up. Both are essential to the success of almost all professionals because it builds your repeat and referral business. 

Who Can Benefit?

Professionals need a greeting card mailing service. Who are some of the professionals who need these "keep-in-touch" mailing programs for their clients?

Our Clients Include

     •     Realtors who work with buyers and sellers and want repeat and referral business. Home anniversaries for buyers are unique and you can provide Realtors with this type of mailing program.

     •     Financial Planners, Stockbrokers and Insurance Professionals who want to send birthday cards to their clients for that personal touch.

     •     Mortgage Bankers who work closely with both real estate agents and borrowers. Cards specific to the mortgage industry can help mortgage bankers get referrals from their Realtors and repeat business from their borrowers.

     •     Car Salesmen who want to thank their new clients and 'keep in touch' for future referrals and return sales.

     •     All types of sales people who have a dedicated client base from whom repeat business is essential. "Thank You" and quarterly "Keep-in-Touch" programs are a perfect way to help ensure future business.

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Graphique de France® ~ Red Oak Publishers

Signature Greetings ~ Latitudes North ~ PBG Associates

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