Greeting cards that help you to grow your business!


Autumn's Splendor

Down the road . . . when you or your friends need mortgage services, please give me a call. Thanks for your continued business, friendship and support! 

It's Not Magic

When you or your friends need any mortgage assistance just give me a call. I'll hop to it.

Hilltop View - #4

Warmest Wishes for a very Happy Home Anniversary. Please don't hesitate to call if I can help you in the future with any mortgage needs! 

It's Not Magic

While I don't actually pull rabbits out of hats. . . I can make financing your home almost magical.

Leprechaun Song

Are you tired of chasing the rainbow of get-rich quick schemes? Allow our experienced, professional financial planners to assist you in finding your pot of gold.

Leprechaun Song

Somewhere over the rainbow is kind of vague, don't you think? If you want specifics from a knowledgeable professional financial planner, I'd welcome the opportunity to share my many years of experience and ideas with you. 

Looking Glass

Searching for just the right person to answer your mortgage banking questions? Well, look no further! I can help your, or your friends, find the perfect solution for every mortgage need. 

Looking Glass

Searching for the right financing? Call me . . . I'll help you examine all the options available in today's market.

Stone Cottage - #3

Wishing you a Happy Home Anniversary! If you know of anyone who could benefit from my mortgage services, please pass my name along.


It's no secret . . . When you or someone you know have mortgage needs, I'll provide the best service possible. Just give me a call when I can help. P.S. Please be my ears. W hen you hear of someone who is going to buy or sell, just pass my name along. I value your referrals.

Reef Reach

For smooth sailing on your next home loan call ___________________________. I can spot the changing tides in the market and will successfully navigate all of your real estate financing needs. 

Over the Rainbow

Change is in the air! As seasons change so will interest rates. But come rain or shine we will find the best load program for you at a good rate. Staying on the steady course with the right home load is the road to your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

On the Parkway - #1

Many thanks! I enjoyed working with you. May your new home be filled with all good things now and in the coming year.

Uncle Albert

(April Fools) He's decided to quit fooling around with Loan Agents that promise a lot and deliver very little. He called me. I deliver. When it comes to marketing homes I don't fool around. From the opening of escrow through the close . . . I promise you fast, efficient, friendly, and professional service.

Touching Base

Just touching base . . . I consider myself lucky to know and work with people like you. When you have mortgage needs, give me a call. I'll always go to bat for you.

Time's Up

Didn't want too much time to go by without letting you know how much I enjoy knowing and working with people like you! When you hear of someone who has mortgage banking needs, please give me call. I always appreciate your referrals.

The Fortune Teller

Let me bring you good fortune with my sound financial advice. 

Uncle Albert

Why is this man smiling? Because he got s great deal on a new car at . . . 


Why are these folks celebrating? They just used Your Name as their mortgage lender and their pleased as punch. When it's time to buy or refinance, take the right step and call on Your Name.


I appreciate working with and knowing people like you. When you or your friends need mortgage service, I would welcome the opportunity to work with you. 

Wedding Reception

Oh look, Ethel . . . there's YOUR NAME, that mortgage broker from YOUR COMPANY NAME. She's the best at providing expert real estate services. (When it's time to buy or refinance, we recommend you give YOUR NAME a call at PHONE NUMBER and EXT.) 

Way Too Cool

There's no disguising it . . . It's way too cool to work with people like YOU! When you or your friends have mortgage needs, just give me a call.

Victorian Cottage - #2

Hoping the first year in your home was one of peace and happiness. Happy Home Anniversary!