Greeting cards that help you to grow your business!


Business Greeting Cards....signed and mailed for you.

Find the perfect card to send to your past clients and referral sources.


Cards include:


          Customized Sayings

          Hand Signed

          Business Card Inserted

          Colorful Envelopes

          Commemorative Stamps

With Grateful Mailings, we make keeping in touch personal, automatic, and effective. 

Mailing Programs


**One Time Mailing Program  

$3.25 per card


If you just need to send a card at a time for various occasions, we can send them for you.  You may choose any image from our entire selection and create a custom greeting.


**Stay In Touch 1-2-3 Program

1 year - 3 card series     $9.00 per client / $3.00 per card


This program consists of 3 cards mailed to your client at any 3 months covering a one year time period.  For example:  Thank You, Birthday, and Holiday


**Follow-Up Program

3 year - 7 card series     $22.75 per client / $3.25 per card


Barbara's Buyer and Seller card series


**Personal Contacts

This program is an easy way to keep your name in front of your entire database throughout the year.  This is best suited for professionals who wish to outsource a portion of their marketing campaign in a personal way.

Step 1:  First decide on a frequency and choose the months for your mailings.  For example: a quarterly mailing; mailing in February, August, and November.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate number of clients in your database you would like to mail to and next choose any card from our entire selection.

Step 3: Send us your client list and your business cards.

Personal Contacts Price List

Card Programs Monthly Bi-Monthly Quarterly Semi-Annually Annually
12 cards per year 6 cards per year 4 cards per year 2 cards per year 1 card per year
Less than 50 $2.69 $2.79 $2.89 $2.99 $3.09
50 - 99 $2.25 $2.35 $2.45 $2.55 $2.65
100 - 199 $2.15 $2.25 $2.35 $2.45 $2.55
200 - 299 $2.05 $2.15 $2.25 $2.35 $2.45
300 - 399 $1.95 $0.05 $2.15 $2.25 $2.35
400 - 499 $1.85 $1.95 $2.05 $2.15 $2.25
500 - 599 $1.75 $1.85 $1.95 $2.05 $2.15
600 - 699 $1.65 $1.75 $1.85 $1.95 $2.05

** over 700 – call for quote

Price of Mailing Includes:

** Custom printing the cards and envelopes (we do not use labels).

** The labor of hand-signing your name (we do not scan the signature), inserting your business card, stuffing and sealing the envelope, and affixing first class domestic postage (we do not use bulk mail postage or postage meter stamps).

** Keep track of the mailing schedule and getting the cards out on time.

** Maintaining your client database.  We add/delete/change your client information so it is always up-to-date.

** Price does not include shipping and handling.

We Do All The Work and You Get All The Credit!