Greeting cards that help you to grow your business!


How Grateful Mailings Works for You

At your convenience we will meet you at your offices and review your client list and discuss the types of connections you would like to make.

Once we enter into a service agreement we will take a sample signature, for your customized greetings and supply of your business cards so we can include one in each greeting.

You will be provided with a catalog of greeting cards to review and samples that you can choose from. You will also be given the opportunity to choose your own custom greeting to go inside of each unique 'hand signed' greeting card.

Your Grateful Mailings representative will then prepare your custom greeting cards, the right card for each occasion, package them for the mail and ensure they go out in a timely manner.

Call Today!

• A Grateful Mailings representative will setup your account.

• Send out personal greetings to your clients without delay.

• Don't miss the opportunities that Grateful Mailings offers you by ensuring the small details are managed to perfection.

• Ask us about including your personalized corporate gift inside your Grateful Mailings greeting.

If you have additional questions, simply complete the"Contact Us" form and a Grateful Mailings representative will contact you to answer all your questions.

Realtors, mortgage lenders, bankers, insurance agents, financial planners, stockbrokers, retailers, personnel agencies, title companies, lawyers, accounts -- the list goes on and on.

 All need relationship building and customer follow-up.  Both are essential to the success of almost all professionals because it builds your repeat and referral business.